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Van insurance

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Van insurance is designed to cover the use of a van, regardless of whether you use that van for business reasons or for personal reasons (or even a mix of both). As such it can be a little more complex than buying car insurance, so it is important to understand what is covered and how to buy it.

What does van insurance cover?

The basic premise behind van insurance is much the same as car insurance. It will cover the cost of repairs required to the other party’s vehicle after an accident if you are found to be at fault. It will also cover incidents of theft or criminal damage, should they occur. If you get comprehensive cover and you are involved in an accident you caused, your van will be covered as well as the other vehicle(s).

Is anything else covered by van insurance?

Yes – very commonly the contents of the van will also be covered, although you should read the terms of the insurance to check this is the case. Different policies will vary, depending on the nature of the business the van is used for. It is important to ensure the policy you get is perfect for your needs and your business use. There is usually a maximum tonnage relevant to this form of insurance, so make sure your van is suitable for this type of policy.

Some insurance policies will also provide cover for damage caused to signwriting on the side of the vehicle. Damage to any internal fittings in the back of the van may also be covered, so do check to see what your policy will extend to.

Perhaps most importantly you must be honest about how you use the vehicle. If it is insured for business purposes and you occasionally use it for personal reasons, you may not automatically be covered during those times. This is why it is essential to read the small print before agreeing to a van insurance policy.

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