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Business Protection

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What would you do if a key person in your business fell ill?

This may be you, or it may be a business partner. We often set up life insurance policies to protect those in our families who would be left behind in the event of our passing. But we rarely think of protecting our businesses in the same way.

The truth is that a business can suffer just as much through one of the partners or directors being diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is why it is worth looking into business protection. This policy can protect the other people who help control the business, in order that the business can continue to flourish in the future.

Add critical illness cover in too if you wish, for additional protection

One important factor to remember with business protection insurance is that you can opt to include critical illness cover as well as terminal illness cover. This provides even more protection for those who run the business. You may recover from a critical illness but you may not be in any state to continue working. Alternatively you may recover and return to work, but it could be many months before this is a realistic possibility.

You can elect to protect your business now with the help of insure4you. We’ll scour the market for the most competitive quotes for the policy you need, making life easier and more convenient as a result.

Which type of business protection would work for you?

Business protection insurance can be set up in many different ways, depending on your own individual needs. For instance you can setup business loan protection if you have loans that may be difficult to pay off if you were no longer around.

Alternatively key person insurance allows you to protect your profits should a key member of your business become terminally ill and be no longer able to work.

Share protection is another form of business protection insurance you may wish to consider, along with life plans to ensure that whatever happens, the business remains a commercial viability and can profitably continue into the future.

Contact insure4you today to find out which policy would work best for you

Insure4you makes light work of getting the right business protection insurance in place as quickly as possible. Once you decide what form of business protection you need, simply fill in the form provided on the home page and we’ll search the market to provide free quotations for the most competitive policies available.

Alternatively if you’d rather speak to an experienced member of our team, simply pick up the phone and call free on 0800 121 8744 to find out more about our service. We charge you nothing to use this service and we do all the hard work to ensure you get the business protection policy that will give you the security and peace of mind you are looking for.

Don’t delay – protect your business from today onwards for the future and beyond

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