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Car Insurance

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Car insurance is essential – and required by law – if you want to drive your car on the road. It covers any situation where an accident may occur, so the innocent party is not left out of pocket for an accident which was not their fault. There are different types of car insurance available, and it makes sense to consider which type would be best for you.

Third party insurance

This is the absolute minimum form of insurance you need to be able to drive legally on Britain’s roads. If you cause an accident this insurance policy will cover all the costs and compensation payments that will be owed to the innocent people involved in the accident. This means the costs do not come out of your pocket.

Third party fire and theft

This is the next step up from third party insurance, and it is the one that many people are most familiar with. As the name would suggest, it provides insurance against accidents so the third party is covered, and it also means you are covered if your car should catch fire through any means or if it is stolen.

Comprehensive car insurance

This is the most comprehensive form of car insurance you can buy, hence the name. It basically covers everything you could need and is generally best suited to drivers of more modern and expensive cars. This is because it covers the cost of repairs to your own car as well as repairs to the other car or cars involved in an accident, if it is proven to be your fault.

Owners of cheaper cars will generally find third party fire and theft to be the best option. Third party may be ideal for new drivers and those who are on a budget, as the payments are likely to be cheaper. Comprehensive insurance is perfect for more experienced drivers whose insurance payments will be lower. It is also best for those who own expensive cars whose repairs would be expensive to cover. The cost of replacing such a car would also be more expensive, making this type of insurance more appealing.

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