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How Long Should Your Critical Illness Cover UK Last For

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b2ap3_thumbnail_How-Long-Should-Your-Critical-Illness-Cover-UK-Last-For.jpgOne thing that isn’t always discussed when it comes to critical illness cover UK is the length of the policy. Should you have this type of policy for life or is it only really necessary for a certain length of time?


No easy answer


The answer is there is some variation here depending on your circumstances and the amount of cover you want to have. Most people would ensure they have cover to provide an income for them if they were to fall ill while still paying their mortgage. This is one of the biggest payments most of us have to make each month, and in many cases it wouldn’t take long to fall behind with the payments.


Consider your circumstances


Another thing to consider is your age. The longer you have a policy in place for the more you will pay for the protection overall. However if you know you would struggle financially if you couldn’t work, you can tell it would make sense to have the cover in place for as long as you needed it.


Critical illness cover UK can be taken out for the period of time that suits you best. Simply consider your options and how you would fare at a certain age if you contracted a serious illness, and it should become easier to work out whether you would need a longer period of cover or not. Once you have the answers you can take out the required cover.


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