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Landlord Insurance

We are now able to secure our clients great deals on landlord insurance. We work with leading providers of landlords insurance to source you the most competative policies. So for a great deal on your landlord’s insurance get in touch.

What Does Landlords Insurance Cover

Much alike home insurance, landlord’s insurance will cover loss and damage to the owner’s property including protection against perils such as fire, flood, storm damage and subsidence. However, unlike normal household insurance, landlord’s insurance can also protect the property owner from:

  • A tenant damaging the property
  • A tenant’s failure to pay the rent
  • Loss of earnings should an insured event occur forcing the tenants to move out

Alongside guaranteeing the tenants rent should they stop paying it landlord’s insurance can also provide legal expenses cover should the property owner have to start legal proceedings in order to evict the tenant. Some policies also offer property owners liability which covers the landlord if they are held accountable for the injury of a tenant or a third party at the property following legal action.

One thing landlord’s insurance will not cover though is the tenant's contents. It is up to the tenant to find their own cover for their belongings. Despite this, there are landlord’s insurance policies out there that offer limited cover for some of the furnishings within the property should they belong to the landlord (for example: carpets, curtains and kitchen appliances).