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While many people get life cover arranged when they are young – perhaps because they are getting married or starting a family this doesn’t apply to everyone. However even if you have just turned fifty and you have started to think about the idea of getting cover, don’t assume you’re too old to be accepted by the insurance companies. The reality is that over 50 life insurance does exist, and it’s easier to get than you might think.

Do I simply need to apply for a standard life policy?

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Life insurance isn’t just for young people and those with families Many over 50s

are looking for a simple, affordable and practical form of life insurance that will suit their age and situation. If you are searching for over 50s life insurance, let insure4you help you find the best policy for your requirements.

Even though this age group will typically have children that have long since flown the nest, they will still want to enjoy a certain level of life cover in case the worst should happen. Those with a spouse or young grandchildren to consider often take out life insurance to ensure they are looked after in the event of their death. Over 50s life insurance can also help to pay for the funeral costs incurred after they are gone, so you can see how practical a policy this is.

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