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Can You Really Get Over 50 Life Insurance?

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While many people get life cover arranged when they are young – perhaps because they are getting married or starting a family this doesn’t apply to everyone. However even if you have just turned fifty and you have started to think about the idea of getting cover, don’t assume you’re too old to be accepted by the insurance companies. The reality is that over 50 life insurance does exist, and it’s easier to get than you might think.

Do I simply need to apply for a standard life policy?

While some insurance companies might accept you as such, it is usually better to look for a policy aimed at someone of your age. When you take a look online, you’ll find plenty of insurance companies with over 50 life insurance policies available. All you have to do is find a company with a policy that suits you and provides you with the cover you need.

Will I need a medical because of my age?

Not necessarily; indeed some people shy away from getting this form of life insurance because they are worried about having to take a medical. Most of these plans are specifically designed for older people. Oftentimes you’ll find the premiums and the cash sum paid are specifically set out in writing even before you apply.

Some of the providers of these plans also guarantee you will be accepted, so it can give you great peace of mind. However as with any form of insurance you should check all the details and the small print before deciding whether this is the right plan for you. Shop around and try different insurers; use a price comparison site to ensure you have the latest and best over 50 life insurance quotes you can possibly get. Then you will know you have the cover you really need.

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