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Over 50s Life Insurance

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Life insurance isn’t just for young people and those with families Many over 50s

are looking for a simple, affordable and practical form of life insurance that will suit their age and situation. If you are searching for over 50s life insurance, let insure4you help you find the best policy for your requirements.

Even though this age group will typically have children that have long since flown the nest, they will still want to enjoy a certain level of life cover in case the worst should happen. Those with a spouse or young grandchildren to consider often take out life insurance to ensure they are looked after in the event of their death. Over 50s life insurance can also help to pay for the funeral costs incurred after they are gone, so you can see how practical a policy this is.

What should you be looking for when it comes to over 50s life insurance?

The first thing to focus on is to find the right policy aimed at your age group. Searching specifically for over 50s life insurance will help to narrow down the field.

Generally speaking these policies require you to be over 50 and below a certain upper age – often in your eighties. Providing you are between the ages stipulated on the policy and you are able to pay the monthly premium, many policies will accept you without the need for a medical. This does not apply to all policies though so check the small print to ensure you know all the details and requirements.

Once you have the policy in place you will have peace of mind in knowing your dependents will receive a significant payout on your passing. Most people in this age group choose a fixed term policy that runs for a specific period of time. This means it doesn’t matter whether a claim is made one year or ten years after you take out the policy – the payout remains the same in both cases.


Thanks to the team here at insure4you, it has never been easier to find the over 50s policy you need. There are two simple ways to find the best quotation on the market today. You can fill in our simple one page form and submit it securely on our website. We will then check the market to find the best quotations around today. Alternatively you can call us free on 0800 121 8744 to give us your details so we can search for the policy you need and want.

The first step is simple – contact us now and let us search the market so we can find you the most competitive prices for the cover you want. Make sure your dependents won’t have to worry about meeting funeral costs and other outgoings once you’re gone. Protect them today and in the future with an over 50s life insurance policy you can rely on and have confidence in.

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