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Pet insurance

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We love our pets, but often don’t consider that animals can fall ill, just like their owners. Research shows that 1 in 3 people have to make an urgent, unexpected trip to their vet and often find that the cost of medical care can be an unpleasant shock if they don’t have insurance in place.

Because veterinary medical techniques and treatments have become so sophisticated, they have also become expensive. Owners place great importance on the welfare of their pets and like them to have a high standard of living. This means that the marketplace for pet insurance has grown rapidly recently. 

Pet insurance helps with vet costs and gives you peace of mind about your beloved pet when you need it most. There are many risks of owning a pet. Your cat or dog may be stolen and you want to advertise locally for its return. Pet insurance can help with this. It is also useful to have in place if you need to receive hospital treatment and require kennel boarding for your pet. If your dog causes an accident which results in damage or injury to someone, pet insurance can help 

Routine visits to the vets for annual vaccinations or neutering are not covered by pet insurance.

There are many types of policies you can choose from.

Top level policies will give lifetime cover. You renew them every 12 months and can claim up to complete fees benefit, even for recurring illnesses that you pet may suffer from. If your cat or dog has arthritis or eczema, you have the peace of mind of knowing that they are covered. Long term illnesses are covered very well with this type of insurance policy. 

Mid level pet insurance policies put a limit on each condition your pet suffers from in lifetime cover, but with no time restriction. This means that your pet can receive treatment for the same condition until the monetary limit (for example £3000) for that condition has run out, regardless of how long it takes.  

Other policies offer cover up to 12 months for each condition. You should be careful about this type of cover and read the insurance policy thoroughly, as these cheaper policies may not give your pet the cover it needs through its life.

Some pet insurance policies have a limit on pre-existing conditions suffered by the pet.

Some policies offer excess fees, to make the policy price attractive to owners. The excess fees may range from £40 to over £100, meaning that you have to pay this fee to cover your animal’s treatment, and then the policy pays out the remaining cost.

Before you make a trip to the vets, make sure you check your pet insurance policy to see if you are covered for the treatment your pet needs.

Pet insurance cover gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit will receive the best veterinary treatment without it costing you a vast amount. 

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