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Caring for Company Longevity: Director Share Protection Insurance

By 17 April, 2019 No Comments

As any company director knows being in charge of the running of a business is a big responsibility, particularly one in charge of a number of employees or with other companies replying on them in a supply chain. Consider then what might happen If a director or other person essential to the business died suddenly or was diagnosed with a critical illness. Without a company director a business could be in significant trouble both financially and operationally. Having director share protection in place could be the ideal solution for a business. This type of insurance is intended to protect companies in case they lose a key person unexpectedly. Director share protection is a way to safeguard against situations in which companies may find themselves in difficulty, particularly from the financial and legal aspect of things which might take time and money to resolve. Additionally, it prevents people from having shares who may have no experience or relevant interest in the company.

Keeping Business Running

If a director of a company passes away, executives may not be able to purchase the director’s shares. As well as losing the director’s guidance and potentially risking a closure of operations, dealing with finances contributes to further problems for the company to tackle. Putting a director share protection plan in place that includes direction on what should happen in a company in the case of death or illness, could help a company out long term and ensure a healthy future regardless of what may happen to an individual. Director share protection can enable other directors of the company to purchase shares if another director dies. This means that in these circumstances, the rest of the company can maintain legal as well as financial control.

Typically, the premiums of director share protection are focused on life assurance rates, so it doesn’t have to be an expensive investment for a business. Professionals at Insure4You could provide information to how best approach purchasing this type of business policy. Most importantly, it ensures that the legacy of the company will be maintained and operate normally, as well as taking care of the directors and employees and keeping the shares where they matter most.

Having director share protection in place could give company owners peace of mind and might also make a business more attractive in terms of external investment. Companies need to be secure in order to have future longevity and having this type of insurance could do just that. Not only does it protect those running a company but it protects employees too and offers greater job security.

It is important for companies to invest in their people, but often owners and managers are so focused on training and motivating their employees that they forget that they too are as important to the business. Insure4You can help directors get the right protection for their business with director share protection that offers management teams security and financial support if the worst should happen.